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Landings is rooted in prayer. Please see below for some sources of prayer for you or a loved one.

A Prayer for Returners
-Erasmus of Rotterdam

Lord Jesus Christ,
you are the gentle moon and the joyful stars,
that watch over the darkest night.
You are the source of all rest,
calming troubled hearts
and bringing sleep to the weary.
You are the sweetness that fills our minds with quiet joy,
and can turn us to dream of heaven.
May _____ dream of your sweetness,
follow your kindly light and be led to the fullness of your love
in the family of your Church.

Landings Prayer
-Richard Chilson CSP

Lord, let us welcome all our
sisters and brothers
with the arms of Christ.
May we listen to each other
with the openness of Christ.
And may we embrace each other with the love of Christ.
Through our hospitality may ______ call the church their home. 

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