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What is Landings?


Landings is a process that helps faith communities welcome inactive Catholics who want to take another look at the church:
together we tell our stories
discern a place for ourselves in the church
and find a way home -
A safe "landing."

Landings is a series of relaxed, informal, lay led meetings, based on faith sharing within a small group
offering a safe and supportive "landing place" for Catholics who have been away literally or spiritually,
and are thinking about coming back.


Landings trains compassionate lay people to reach out to those who have been away from the church for any number of reasons
helps all of us increase the awareness of God in our lives,
gives the opportunity to reflect on questions, concerns and experiences with others
and to get to know a few others before venturing into the wider faith community.

It embodies the spirit of Pope Francis' call to be a Church capable of walking at your side,
of doing more than simply listening to you;
a Church which accompanies you on your journey, makes sense of the pain that maybe caused you to fly away...
Landings makes us a church that understands.
That understands that the reasons you left also contain the reasons you can return.


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